The kids are alright…

Nourish means to provide what is necessary for growth, health, and good condition, and that is exactly the aim of Nourish. This non-profit will one day provide mentorship, tutoring, nutritious meals, clothing, transportation, and career skills for disadvantaged youth in Atlanta. As we grow, Nourish will also provide college scholarships, funds for college preparatory testing and admission application fees, and free college tours. Nourish will provide food industry skills training programs that will take interested students through a 6 month hands on shadowing of each area of food entrepreneurship, followed by a 6 month internship with a local food business. The culmination of this program will be a Nationally Recognized Certification/Accreditation to assist these students in securing jobs within the food industry or related professions.

Full disclosure, this Non-Profit is still very much in inception and not ready to begin addressing any real problems. There is so much I need to learn and so many ways I need to get involved before I begin. But while I do the work to learn what the problems are and where I fit in the solution, I am saving the money that will lay the foundation.

10% of all of my bakery sales go into a high yield savings fund for this non-profit. 50% of the donations made when you click the donate link at the bottom of this page will go directly to the fund. The other 50% go to funding the bakery. Bakery funds include- kitchen rent, paying back business debt, appliances and supplies, ingredients and packaging, business vehicle maintenance and payments, web and social media funding. The money never goes in my pocket, but is re-circulated to keep this business going, so that I can one day re-circulate it back into the communities I am present in.

“Restore Community. Realize Opportunity. Rally Creativity.” That’s our mission. The kids are alright . . . We’ll make sure of it.