My mom says “perfectionist” but I prefer “detail oriented”.

I like things to be just so; clean, crisp, visually appealing, aesthetically pleasing. If I’m working on your wedding cake . . . you’ll thank me for it.

My mother, however, who is responsible for making sure we leave on time . . . she probably wants to beat me with my piping bag.


Story Time

Once upon time, there was a girl named Tikea Williams who received an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas. Tikea made all manner of "baked goods" in that Easy Bake Oven; pizzas, brownies, cakes, cookies. So emboldened was she, by her amateur expertise, that she asked if she could make the cake for her Step-Father's birthday party. I mean, she been crushing it on the Easy Bake after all. Her mother was concerned (read skeptical), but Tikea was so insistent that her mother conceded.

Now, dear reader, there aren't many things quite as disappointing as a bad birthday cake.  But young Tikea hadn't yet been soured by the notion of failure. All she knew was her exciting world of exploration and experiment; she felt certain of her success. After browsing through several recipe books, she came across a tropical carrot cake .The photo in the book was so beautiful to her, with it's smooth white icing and blue edible flowers. Armed with a recipe and ingredients, Tikea set to work. She was meticulous in her measuring, mixing, pouring, and finally, baking. At last she presented it to her mother and father, excited to put her work on display.

Though the smell was right, and the look above expectation, Tikea's mother was still concerned. She spoke to each party-goer; she let them know her 7 year old was a bulldog in her insistence to make this cake although she'd never attempted a project of this magnitude before (this would become a theme of her career). "Please," her mother said, "be easy on her."

To the surprise of everyone (but not Tikea -_-), the cake was a hit. And the rest, they say, is herstory.